German Shepherd Puppy Growth Chart


From the Breed Standard, a German Shepherd adult male height at the withers when fully grown up is 60 to 65 cm and weight is 30 to 40 kg, and a German Shepherd female height at the withers is 55 to 60 cm and weight is 22 to 32 kg. Below is a growth chart for male and female puppies from 2 months up to adult age at 24 months based on our own average shepherd, for evaluation of your own puppy minus or plus 15% is within acceptable normal range. This chart is based on our observations of our own dogs and puppies we produced so far. Please keep in mind that weight of individual adult dog is relative to its size, frame and bone structure, in addition to its life stage when a puppy. A German Shepherd usually reaches full body growth by 2 years, some take a little longer than that. In dogs, the bigger is not better, bigger size means less agility and more vulnerability to Joint Diseases. That is why a German Shepherd Dog should remain within breed recommended size and weight. Too rapid growth is not healthy and should be avoided by owner through properly controlled healthy diet. Over weight at any stage of life means more stress on joints & ligaments, and thus more liklihood of injuries. At Jordan German Shepherds our adult males range from 63.5-66 cm in height and 34-42 kg in weight, our adult females range from 58-61 cm in height and 28-32 kg in weight, we will always try our best to produce German Shepherd Dogs that meet the breed standard requirement of physical and mental characteristics.

German Shepherd Growth Chart by Age & Weight

Allow for ± 15% 

Age-Month Male-Kg Female-kg
2 4.5 4
3 8 7
4 13 11
5 18 15
6 22 18
7 26 21
8 29 23
9 32 25
10 34 26
11 35 27
12 36 28
24 38 30
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